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Agenda and Minutes


Agenda Draft Minutes
Agenda 12.1.21
Agenda 7.1.21
Agenda 5.1.21 Draft Minutes 8.12.20
Agenda 8.12.20 Draft Minutes 10.11.20
Agenda 10.11.20 Draft Minutes 21.10.20
Draft Minutes 13.10.20
Agenda 21.10.20
Agenda 13.10.20 Draft Minutes 8.9.20
Agenda 8.9.20 Draft Minutes 11.8.2020
A and AL 11.8.20 Draft Minutes 14.7.20
A and AL 14.7.20 Draft Minutes 14.7.20
A and AL 10.6.20 Draft Minutes 10.06.20
A and AL 13.5.20 Draft Minutes 13.5.20
No Meeting held April 2020
A and AL 11.3.20 Draft minutes 11.3.20
A and AL 12.2.20. Draft minutes 12.2.20
A and AL 15.1.20 Draft minutes 15.1.20
A and AL 11.12.19 Draft minutes 11.12.19
A and AL 13.11.19 Draft minutes 13.11.19
Agenda 16.10.19 Draft minutes 16.10.19
Agenda  11.9.19 Draft minutes 11.9.19
Agenda 14.8.19 Draft minutes 14.8.19
Agenda 10.7.19 Draft Minutes 10.7.19
Agenda 11.6.19 Draft Minutes 11.6.19
Agenda 14.5.19 Draft Minutes 14.5.19
Agenda Annual Meeting 14.5.19

  • Parishioners are not normally named in minutes as attendees or in terms of representations made unless necessary for the performance of a council’s statutory duties, functions, and contracts. Doing so creates the potential for Data Protection issues and as parishioners are not formally part of a parish council meeting doing so serves no purpose.
  • Minutes are normally a record of decisions made and little else. We would not normally make a verbatim record of what individual Councillor have said. It is rarely necessary to record details of debate (examples of when it would be material to do so would be in evidencing that appropriate advice had been considered, or risks assessed in relation to decisions).
  • Decisions made in council meetings are immediate and do not need the minutes to be approved before they are enacted.
  • Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting (some use the colloquial term “AGM”) are approved at the next meeting of the parish council, NOT a year later at the next Annual Parish Council Meeting.
  • Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting are not approved by a parish council, they are approved at the next Parish Meeting, which is usually an annual event, though can be more frequent if further Parish Meetings are called.