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Minutes 8.2.2022



Held at the Youth Club, Victory Hall, Stogursey.


Cllr Sue Goss (Vice Chair), Cllr Eileen Chave, Cllr Chris Ford, Cllr Jenny Ody, Cllr Susan Jones, Cllr Timothy Kaye.

In attendance: Richard Wand, Parish Clerk, and 4 members of the public.



The Housing Needs Survey final report was presented by Nicola Kemp, SWTC

The planning application in respect of Burton Springs was commented on by a member of the public.

S Wardle commented on the poor response so far to the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire, despite signage and articles.



21/159              APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:

Cllr Chris Morgan (Chair), Cllr Rebecca Calvert, Cllr Helga Staddon and Cllr Steve O’Driscoll.



The draft minutes of the last parish council meeting were proposed by Cllr Ford seconded by Cllr Jones    were unanimously AGREED for signature by the Vice Chairman as a true and accurate record of the previous meeting.


No further declarations of Interest and / or dispensations in addition to those already declared and available for public inspection on the Somerset West and Taunton Council website.


CCllr Hugh Davies had supplied a written report, which had been circulated.




    Paddons Farm; building work ongoing

Community Emergency Plan; out of date, unanimously resolved to retain info gathered, but not to continue updating & DELETE from Action List.

St Andrews Well; suggestion that the Clerk enquire with SWT Heritage Officer if they hold owner details.

SIDs; no update from Highways suggestion that the grant application is pursued in the meantime by the Clerk.



The Vice Chairman reported that the Community Forum had been held. 6800 workers currently on site. They are the first construction site to have a vaccination centre. An application is to be made for a material change to the DCO regarding the move from wet to dry ILW storage. Consultation to follow. ILW will be there until a national storage site is resolved.


  1. The list of invoices for payment and monies received, (Appendix 1) and the Financial Statement (Appendix 2) had been forwarded to members before the meeting and are attached to these minutes.
  2. The Financial Statement was noted, the Invoices for payment were proposed for acceptance by Cllr Ody and seconded by Cllr Chave The resolution was carried unanimously. All payments will all be made online, by cheque or by debit card. ACTION: Clerk
  3. Opening up Safely and Reconnecting Communities, grant had been submitted, no further applications had been received
  4. To resolve a grant for Stogursey Youth Club. Members considered the correspondence from the Treasurer of the Victory Hall seeking £200 to support a Youth Drop In Centre. The Vice Chairman invoked Standing Order 2 when a member of the public interrupted members’ discussions. Members resolved that the Clerk seek further information in writing from the applicant as they would welcome an application to support a Youth Club but had queries over the validity of the current application. They would like to have sufficient information to enable a future detailed application to be considered. ACTION: Clerk
  5. Members were updated that the Clerk had successfully completed the Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) and that following a job evaluation exercise it was resolved that the Clerk’s remuneration be increased to Salary Point 17 which was carried unanimously.


    a) Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Update: The Survey still live, currently 21 online responses had been received. Posters were displayed on the noticeboards and further signs had been erected across the parish seeking responses. Stogursey News had carried information in two issues so far. It was agreed that the questionnaire was kept live until the next meeting and then consider if the work was to continue


  1. b) Unitary Council for Somerset Update: The Vice Chairman outlined the topics discussed at the recent online forum held on 3.2.22. The elections, the pilot LCNs now underway in three groups. One was on Exmoor involves a Highway Steward, which sounded very helpful and positive. The discussion on a Local Community Network involving neighbouring parishes is also progressing.



HPC   Community Forum                20.1.22

Main Site Forum                              24.2.22
Transport Forum                             18.3.22

Site Stakeholders Group                               25.2.22



The circulated list was noted.
a) Members resolved unanimously to support an application for a street trading licence for Fancy Fish and Chips. Action: Clerk to respond.

  1. b) Members resolved to accept the Housing Needs Survey report and to continue involvement with the Housing Needs next Steps. ACTION: Cllrs Goss, Morgan and Ody, other members to advise if available to participate, on a meeting date to be agreed with SWT.

Clerk to publish on the Parish Website.

  1. c) Parking issues, Stogursey. Members considered correspondence received which had highlighted a continuing difficult issue for which there was little immediate positive relief. The Clerk was asked to respond sympathetically, pointing out that in the medium to long-term relief that would come with increased parking at the Victory Hall and Paddons Farm entry, to help relieve some of the parking issues, if residents use the additional spaces hopefully provided. ACTION: Clerk
  2. d) Correspondence over Stockpile Heights on HPC Southern Boundary and issues with cyclists in Bayley’s Brook, Shurton had been raised with HPC and the Police. HPC and SCC had the matter raised at the Transport Review Group meeting, but little positive feedback had been received.

SWT is considering data on the Stockpile heights and a further response is hoped to clarify the situation.



To receive and update on the Growing for Health and Well-Being Project. The planters had been ordered, within the budget allocated at the last meeting. Cllr Staddon would be asked to make contact with the School to ensure details for a future response to the funding authority.



There were no further issues to discuss.



There were no matters raised for discussion.  The Vice Chairman suggested that the SCC PROW officer is invited to the next Parish Council meeting to give an update on the Bridleway across Wall and Catsford Commons. ACTION: Clerk


Cllr Ody reported on current matters:

  1. i)     Ongoing matters
  2. a) 3/32/21/007 Erection of 5 No. dwellings with parking, car ports and access thereto on Land south of High Street, Stogursey, TA5 1PL. Response sent. Decision Awaited. Further report sent 1.11.21.  SWTC Planning Committee 4.11.21 Granted. S106 to be resolved
    b)    3/32/21/013  Outline application with all matters reserved for the erection of 1 No. dormer bungalow, Stonecroft, 26 Lime Street, Stogursey, TA5 1QR.  Response sent.  Decision Awaited
    c)     3/32/21/020  Demolition of outbuildings and a change of use of land for the erection of 2 No. cabins to be used as holiday lets, Lime Kiln Cottage, Gorpit Lane, Stogursey TA5 1TW. Response sent 13.10.21 Decision Awaited
  3. 3/32/20/022 Erection of two storey extension to the north elevation and single storey extension to the east elevation, Greenhollow, Ridgeway Lane, Stolford, Stogursey TA5 1TN.  Site visit – Response sent 13.10.21 Decision Awaited
  4. 3/32/21/018 Demolition of conservatory, alterations to roof from dormer roof construction to two storey format, erection of two storey extension on the west elevation and construction of first floor extension on the north elevation. Staddlestones, Burton, Stogursey, Bridgwater, TA5 1QB. Response sent 10.11.21 Awaiting decision
  5. 3/32/21/008 Erection of replacement single storey side extension  Merriegreen Cottage, Wick, Stogursey, TA5 1TL – Response sent 15.12.21 Decision Awaited
  6. 3/32/21/022 Erection of porch, carport and fencing (retention of part works already undertaken) Merriegreen Cottage, Wick, Stogursey, TA5 1TL Response sent 15.12.21 Decision Awaited
  7. 3/32/21/024 Erection of a first floor extension to the front on Lonlay Lodge, Priory Farm, Priory Hill, Stogursey, TA5 1RG Response sent 15.12.21 Decision Awaited Granted 12.1.22
  8. 3/32/21/023 Erection of a first floor extension to the front on Lonlay Lodge, Priory Farm, Priory Hill, Stogursey, TA5 1RG Response sent 15.12.21 Decision Awaited Granted 12.1.22
  9. T/32/21/005 Notification to re-pollard 11 Willow trees on a regular basis (every 3-5 years) within Stogursey Conservation Area, Stogursey Castle, Castle Street, Stogursey, TA5 1TLResponse sent 15.12.21. SWTC No Objections 17.1.22
  10. k) 3/32/21/025 on Tanyards Farm, 16 Castle Street, Stogursey, TA5 1TG

Application for the approval of reserved matters, following Outline Application 3/32/20/004, for the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale and approval of Condition No’s, 01, Approval of Details, 03, Drainage, 04 Archaeology, 05, Heritage Statement, 09, Surface Water Disposal and 18, Topographic Survey for the erection of 5 No. Dwellings at Tanyards Farm, 16 Castle Street, Stogursey, TA5 1TG – Response sent 12.1.22 Decision Awaited

  1. ii) New Applications
    1. 3/32/21/026 Burton Springs Fishery and Campsite, Lawson Farm, Shurton Road, Stogursey, TA5 1QB Change of use of land from agricultural to leisure with siting of 4 No. glamping pods with associated works. Site visit done. Following discussion it was resolved unanimously that there was no objection to the application. ACTION: Clerk
    2. 3/32/21/021 Erection of 1 No. farm dwelling , Land off Ridgeway Lane, Stolford, Stogursey TA5 1TN

Following a discussion it was resolved unanimously to object to the application as it was felt it is over-sized to what is normally offered to a farm worker and that the design is out character with the local vernacular. ACTION: Clerk


Tuesday 8th March 2022 at 7.00pm Presentations and Public Forum, followed by the Parish Council meeting at the Youth Club, Victory Hall, Stogursey.


The meeting closed at  21:06


APPENDIX 1 SPC Minutes 8th FEBRUARY 2022

Schedule of Receipts and Invoices for Payment 8th February 2022


Payments made since the last meeting on 11.1.22



Payee Amount


Pmt details /chq no Details
R Wand 540.34 BP Clerk Salary Dec 2021 (includes allowances, less PAYE & Pension)
HMRC 131.40 BP Employee tax (PAYE) Nov 21
NEST 45.99 DD Employee & Employer Pension Contribution Nov 21
Stogursey WI 125.00 BP Resend Grant payment
Microsoft 11.28 DC Business 365 monthly fee
IONOS 5.99 DC Website hosting Dec 2021 (due 25.12.21)


Payments due to be made on 8.2.22


Payee Amount


Pmt details /chq no Details
R Wand 1077.03 BP Clerk Salary Jan 22 (includes overtime, allowances, less PAYE & Pension)
HMRC 475.52 BP Employee tax (PAYE & NIC) & Employers NIC Jan 21
GWB 120.00 BP BRPA maintenance 3.11.21
NEST 102.85 DD Employee & Employer Pension Contribution Jan 21
Stogursey WI 125.00 CHQ Re-opening Grant (By Cheque)
Microsoft 11.28 DC Business 365 monthly fee
IONOS 5.99 DC Website hosting Feb 2022 (due 25.2.22)

Receipts since last meeting


Bank Interest                          –              Jan 2021                                            £      0.69p


APPENDIX 2 SPC Minutes 11th JANUARY 2022

FINANCIAL STATEMENT – AS AT 31st January 2022  
Balances as per bank accounts 31.12.21  
Treasurers Account £2,617.00  
Deposit Account £29,980.74  
Reserves & Grants Account £54,814.57 £87,412.31  
Plus Receipts – January 2022  
Treasurers Account £125.00  
Deposit Account £0.27  
Reserves & Grants Account £0.48 £125.75  
Less Payments – January 2022  
Treasurers Account £946.16  
Deposit Account £0.00  
Reserves & Grants Account £0.00 -£820.41  
Balances as per bank accounts 31.1.22  
Treasurers Account £1,795.84  
Deposit Account £29,981.01  
Reserves & Grants Account £54,815.05  
Less unpresented cheques £60.00  
Plus uncleared credits £0.00  
Available Funds at 31/1/2022 £86,531.90  
Balance as per cash book    
Treasurers Account £1,795.84  
Deposit Account £29,981.01  
Reserves & Grants Account £54,815.05  
Summary of Reserve Bank Account @ 31.1.22  
1621.89 Ext Grant – Stogursey Oral History Project ]  
3859.27 Ext Grant – Castle St Flood Scheme ]  
226.84 Ext Grant – Castle St Flood Scheme Contingency ]  
7825.00 Ext Grant – (from HPC) – Lenghtsman Scheme ] Not PC Funds  
0.00 Defibrillator Grant ]  
1305.37 Fingerposts project grants ]  
10344.00 Ext Grant –  Growing for Health and Wellbeing ]  
1175.00 Ext Grant – Re-Opening Safely & Reconnecting Communities]  
5868.00 Ext Grant – Neighbourhood Plan ]  
90.00 Allotment Refundable Deposits ]  
32315.37 Total External Grants   ]  
119.68 Interest to 31.1.22 Reserves a/c only
4000.00 Multi Sports Area
1750.00 SWTC Election Costs 2023
900.00 Laptop
3500.00 BRPA essential maintenance
2000.00 Refurbish the Pound
5000.00 Grounds and maintenance
0.00 Youth Club Items
2530.00 Litter bins – held in reserves for emptying costs
2700.00 Defibrillator (annual build-up of funds)
0.00 Contingency
22499.68 Total PC funds