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Welcome Pack

Stogursey Parish Welcome Pack

If you are a new resident to the parish of Stogursey, Welcome.

We hope that you enjoy your time living in the Parish. Our Welcome Pack is intended for those new to our community and a copy is hopefully delivered to all new residents.

There are a lot of things going on during the day and evening which may interest you.  Most of these events can be found on this website or in the local free parish monthly magazine, Stogursey News (copies are delivered to your door)!

The welcome pack is being amended, please contact the Clerk.

If you have not received a printed copy of the Welcome Pack, and would like a copy, please contact your local Parish Councillor

Burton & Shurton Sue Goss 733405
Wick & Stolford Susan E Jones 652287

All residents living within 3.5km/2.2 miles of Hinkley Point B Power station will receive an free annual calendar.  The calendar contains information about the emergency arrangements which may affect you as a local resident.

Until recently a supply of Potassium Iodide Tablets should have been delivered to all residents of the parish. As of April 2023 this no longer applies. Advice can be obtained from Somerset Local Authorities Civil Contingencies Unit, County Hall Taunton (01823 356792)