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Housing Needs Survey – Report January 2022

SWT Housing Need Report – Stogursey January 2022

Executive Summary
Principal Conclusions
The survey identified a need for 19 affordable homes within the next 5 years:
• Current: 12 households (all need social/affordable rent, including 1 with wheelchair/level access)
• Future (in 1 – 3 years’ time): 3 households (all need social/affordable rent, although 1 may be eligible for shared ownership)
• Future (within the next 5 years): 4 households (3 need social/affordable rent including 2 with level access, 1 needs shared ownership)


That the Parish Council should:
• Note this report
• Consider the options for addressing the need for 19 affordable homes.

Key findings

• The survey found 11 respondents in housing need who could not afford to buy in the open market. However, 2 of these may be able to afford a shared ownership property.
• A further 8 households in need of affordable housing were identified from Homefinder Somerset applicants who were contacted separately to the survey.
• The survey found that no respondents in housing need could afford to buy a discounted open market property
Local connection
• All of the households in need met the local connection criteria.




Other findings
• The survey achieved its aim of identifying actual households in need.
• Surveys were delivered to 707 addresses (including businesses) in the parish and 133 survey forms were returned. The response rate was 19%.
• 62% of those who answered the question said they would be in favour of a small development of affordable housing for local people.
• 3 households expressed an interest in some form of self-build housing.

Aims of the Survey
• To investigate the affordable housing need, tenure and house size for local people in the Parish of Stogursey, those wishing to return, and those who work in the Parish.
• To establish the general level of support for a small development of affordable housing for local people with housing needs.

Survey history, methodology and response
3.1 History
As part of the Hinckley Point C Mitigation Plan, Stogursey Parish Council decided to carry out a survey to assess the level of local housing need. An Enabler met with Parish Councillors on 21 July 2021 and terms were agreed. The Housing Needs Survey (Appendix 1) was posted to every household in the agreed area. Respondents were able to return the survey in a reply-paid envelope, or to use the online version (via the link detailed on the survey), and to request additional copies of the survey for other relevant parties. The initial deadline for the return of the survey was 25 November 2021, which was extended to 5 December 2021.
3.2 Methodology
The survey was carried out using a standard methodology approved by local planners. Background notes on the methodology can be obtained from the Enabler.
The survey form was in 2 parts. The first section asked a limited number of questions about the type of household and their support for affordable housing. All residents were invited to respond to this part of the survey. The second part of the survey was designed to be completed by households who believe they have a need for affordable housing and wish to remain living in the village. A reply-paid envelope was provided. A reminder was sent to those on the Homefinder Somerset register who did not complete a survey form.
3.3 Response
• 133 surveys were returned, which is a response rate of 19% of all dwelling and business addresses in the parish.
• The survey achieved its aim of identifying actual households in need. Out of the 133 surveys 12 were returned with part two completed to allow analysis of need.
• The majority (97%) of the respondents live in Stogursey parish.
• It should be noted that whilst apparent inconsistencies in responses are followed up, the information given is taken at face value.