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Stogursey Jubilee Rooms


The Jubilee Rooms benefit from a central location in the village, near the top of Castle Street. The Rooms are used regularly for various community events, and also host or are hired for special events. The donations requested for the hire of the Rooms are kept extremely low, in order to encourage and facilitate community activities. For this reason, regular fund-raising events are organised throughout the year to supplement funds vital for the upkeep of this very popular venue.

The Jubilee Rooms were formerly known as the Church Rooms. The name was changed on 3rd June 2022 to mark the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Church Rooms used to be the Non-Conformist Chapel in Stogursey, i.e., the alternative to the Church of England. The history of non-conformism in the village is complicated, suffice to say that by 1822 the Congregationalists were doing an early form of House Church as they met in a local cottage. In 1823, they formed a church and bought an old soap factory to use as their base. After various expansions and setbacks, the House Church was still active in the 1970’s and registered as United Reformed in 1974, but it closed in 1977, following an agreement to unite with the congregation of the parish church. The building became what we know today: a community meeting room.

After the transfer to the Church of England (the Church Rooms are for the use of the local community, managed by St Andrews PCC, but vested in Bath and Well Diocesan Board of Finance) St Andrew’s PCC delegated the management of the Church Rooms to a PCC sub-committee; now the present Stogursey Jubilee Rooms Management Committee.

The Jubilee Rooms are much loved by the village as a compact and convenient place to hold small events. In the past people have contributed to their personal touch to the building. The Arts Festival Trust have been awarded grants to decorate and install up-to-date technological equipment for the benefit of wider users.

Stogursey Community Network has likewise in recent times received grants to upgrade the kitchen and other facilities.

To hire the Rooms, contact or leave a message on 07565 149966.

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