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Planning Applications

Planning applications are usually discussed at the monthly Stogursey Parish Council meetings unless the response deadline falls outside the monthly meetings. In the case of  a major application an additional meeting will be called to discuss the application.

Any comments on applications can be made directly to Somerset West and Taunton Planning Department or to the Clerk by email to or in writing to Stogursey Parish Council, Mulberry Cottage, 8,Church Street, Cannington TA5 2HA.

All parish applications can be viewed on the Somerset West and Taunton Planning portal.

Each application itemised below has the reference number on an hyperlink to the planning applications details for your convenience.

Outstanding matters to 27th April 2021

3/32/19/011 Land off Shurton Lane, 70 dwellings. Additional comments sent for Appeal.  Appeal hearing delayed due to coronavirus to February 2021. DISMISSED

3/32/20/004 Outline application with some matters reserved, except for access and scale, for the erection of 5 dwellings on Tanyard Farm, 16 Castle Street, Stogursey, TA5 1TG Permission Granted. S106 legal agreement APPROVED for off-site play contributions, awaiting signing.

3/32/20/009 Paddons Farm erection of 27 dwellings, resubmission of 3/32/19/019 but with revised play area. Response sent. Permission Granted 23.07.20. S106 still to be resolved.

3/32/20/017 Erection of an agricultural covered feed yard (Building 1) and an agricultural livestock building (Building 2) Farringdon Hill Farm, Farringdon Hill Lane, Stogursey, TA5 1TJ Decision awaited

3/32/20/028 Proposed alterations and extension of outbuilding and conversion to ancillary accommodation The Glebe House, Knighton Lane, Knighton TA5 1QD

3/32/21/005 Installation of Air Source Heat Pump on the rear elevation on Little Ash, Shurton Lane, Stogursey, TA5 1QF Granted 21.4.21

SCC/3822/2021   Proposal: Erection of a Low Level Waste (LLW) Processing Facility, addition of cladding to Building 223 (the Electric Vehicle Charging Facility), installation of an Armco crash barrier and creation of a vehicular turning area to the north of Building 201.    Location: Hinkley Point A

The below map of the parish enables users to search either by scrolling the interactive map or by postcode for planning applications within the parish. It is updated on a regular basis.