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Remember, everyone can catch it, anyone can spread it.

From Monday 19 July, the majority of legal restrictions relating to Covid-19 will be lifted, but the risks of Covid-19 have not gone away.

As cases rise here and across the country, we urge you to be cautious, not only for yourselves, but to protect our vulnerable residents and frontline workers.
We are advising people to think carefully about continuing to keep the all important two metre distance where possible – the UK’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) estimates that the risk of transmitting Covid-19 at 1 metre could be up to ten times higher than at 2 metres.

As another measure to protect more vulnerable members of our local communities, as well as workers in key services such as shops and pubs, we recommend continuing to wear a face covering in indoor spaces such as in shops, on public transport or in healthcare settings.

Please also continue to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. Meet up outside rather than inside, and, if you are inside, make sure you let the fresh air in by opening windows and doors.

Finally, it’s important to:
• make sure that you get both doses of the vaccine,
• self-isolate when required to do so; and,
• use rapid tests twice a week.

So, our message is please ‘think twice, do the right thing, and don’t let your guard down’.

Thank you.