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Please use Royal Mail to post your vote

Residents need to be aware that the way postal votes are received at Somerset Council offices has changed in line with national legislation.

New laws mean that when someone hands in a postal vote at a reception point or at a polling station, a Postal Vote Return form must now also be completed. This could be time-consuming.

So, voters are being encouraged to use Royal Mail and post their vote in good time for it to be counted.

Postal votes receive a speedy service from Royal Mail and are easily identified by the purple flashes marked on the envelopes. They are delivered up to 9.30pm on polling day which is why Royal Mail should be the preferred method of returning them.

Voters can check their nearest post box and collection times via Services near you | Royal Mail Group Ltd.

Postal votes can still be handed in and the relevant forms completed during office hours only at these four locations in Somerset:

  • Bridgwater House, Bridgwater
  • Shape Office, Shepton Mallet
  • West Somerset House, Williton
  • Petters House, Petters Way, Yeovil

Voters need to know that any postal votes left at offices or put in office post boxes must be rejected.

You can only vote once in the General Election

Voters registered at two addresses – such as students or those with second homes – can only vote once. You will need to choose one address and vote in only that area when you’re voting in:

  • UK Parliament elections
  • UK referendums
  • London Assembly and London Mayoral elections

You can’t vote at both addresses at these elections. Voting in more than one location is a criminal offence.