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New type of lateral flow test

A few weeks ago, Public Health stated that there would be two different lateral flow device kits in circulation – the Orient Gene kit and the Acon Flowflex kit – both nasal only kits that provide a result in 15 minutes. Due to stock availability issues, the Innova nose and throat kits will be returning until at least mid-September. This kit requires swabbing of both the tonsils and nostrils and the result takes 30 minutes.

Please be aware of this change, and make sure that you always read the kit instructions before you do your test, as they will differ slightly.

You are reminded that if you have previously received a positive Covid PCR test result, you should not re-test yourself by either using a rapid lateral flow kit or by having another PCR test within 90 days of the first positive result unless you develop any new symptoms of COVID-19.

If you’d like to know more, a video which shows you how to use the new kit can be viewed here. By testing yourself regularly you are helping to reduce the spread of the infection.