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C182 rolling road blocks – Sunday 6th June 2021 – 0800 to 1500

Preparing for deliveries at Combwich Wharf

As we prepare for the operational phase of Combwich Wharf, which will see large loads being delivered by sea, we’re keen to hear from you.

We will be pulling together a booklet of information so you know what to expect, the best ways to stay up to date and be notified of movements on local roads.

If there is any particular information which you think residents might be interested to hear about, please do let us know.

Escort Training – this Sunday  6th June 2021

It’s not just the Community Relations team who are preparing for the operational phase at the wharf, our delivery team are also gearing up to escort large loads from Combwich Wharf to our main site.

As part of these preparations, a training session will take place on Sunday 6th June, simulating a delivery of a large load from Combwich Wharf to main site. The session will include 3 rolling road blocks on the C182 between Combwich and the main site, between 0800 – 1500. Each rolling road block is expected to last approximately 30 minutes. This method, opposed to a complete road closure, ensures we are minimising disturbance to local residents.

Thank you for your patience and support whilst we undertake this training.

Hinkley Point C – Community Relations Team