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Bus Back Better update

Here is the link for Somerset’s Bus Service Improvement Plan. Go to the following link and scroll to “The full Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP)”

The above YouTube video gives you access to the full meeting that received the consultation update in November 2021.

  • The Bus Back Better group have applied for £163 million to improve bus services in the county.
  • Running an existing bus costs around £150k p.a. and a small electric midi/mini bus is around £225,000 based on a fleet in Brighton.
  • Private occupancy singe cars are a challenge.  Somerset currently has a 1% usage by bus and 84% by car.
  • Somerset is the 2nd worst county for bus use in the country.
  • It is likely that rural services will not get much improvement as they are concentrating on improving major routes where there is more likelihood of creating a sustainable service to continue after the grant money has run out.   However there is a project looking at ‘demand services’.
  • Starting a bus service route where there is none is very difficult.