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Now that summer is coming, can we remind you to be considerate about bonfires. There are no byelaws banning bonfires or restricting the days or times when they are acceptable but please only burn dry garden waste, not painted wood, plastics or other rubbish.

If yours prevents your neighbours from using their garden, opening their windows or hanging out their washing for example can cause distress.

Please remember that this can also be a health risk and cause distress for people with asthma and other respiratory problems.

Large or repeated bonfires may constitute a statutory nuisance or anti-social behaviour for which you can be fined.

The Parish Council have no powers in this matter and if you have complaint about bonfires please contact report it at

In the case of repeated bonfires, the Council will advice that you keep a diary to give evidence of the number and frequency of the nuisance fires.

If you think a bonfire is out of control, you should contact the Fire Brigade on 999.