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A prize of £50 will be awarded to the person submitting the highest number of correct answers by Saturday, July 15th.

1. What is Foeniculum vulgare?

2. In what year did Alexander Peregrine Acland Hood, 2nd Baron St. Audries die?

3. What conversion would you be doing if you multiplied by 9, divided by 5 and added 32?

4. Granny, Turk’s head, sheepshank are types of what?

5. The skull of an Aurochs was found in Cannington and is now in the Blake Museum. What type of animal was it?

6. Alfred Austin was the first and Andrew Motion was the last to hold which post in the 20th century?

7. What was the name of the pub which is now Nos. 68 & 70 High Street?

8. How old was the Dancing Queen in the Abba song?

9. What is the total value in points of a set of snooker balls?

10. The Liar was published in 1991 and was the first novel by whom?

11. Which bird appears in the title of a 1914 composition by Ralph Vaughan Williams?

12. In Mediaeval Britain what coin was worth 13s. 4d.?

13. The Beqaa Valley is a major wine-growing area of which country?

14. On which river was Handel’s Water Music first performed?

15. What was the title of Beatrix Potter’s first published book?

16. What was the name of the farm that used to lie in the middle of the Hinkley Point C Station site?

17. What is the main ingredient of a Palestine soup?

18. Which children’s TV series is a spin-off from Shaun the Sheep?

19 Which of the 7 deadly sins is missing from this list: Greed, Envy, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath & …?

20. In which fish does the male carry the eggs in a brood pouch until they hatch?

When you have completed the quiz print this page, write in the answers and put in the Stogursey News box in the post offce. Alternatively just write the answers on a piece of paper and put in the box or send the answers as an e-mail through the Stogursey website.