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 Contact NameTelephoneEmail
West Somerset Council, West Somerset House, Wiliton
01643 703704
01643 707210 (out of hours)
Somerset County Council, County Hall Taunton0845 345 9166
County CouncillorHuw Davies01984 633389
Cannington Health Centre Reception 01278 652335


Somerset County Council

County Hall Taunton                                                          0845 3459166

 County Councillor: Hugh Davies                                                  01984 633389



West Somerset Council  Williton                                  01643 703704

 Emergency (out of hours)                                                01643 707210


District Councillors

 Chris Morgan                       734887


 Susan Goss                               733405


Parish Council

 2nd Tues in month, Victory Hall at 7.15 pm Victory Hall

 Public forum 15 mins  at the beginning

 Chair: Allan Searle                732820

 Clerk: Gillian Orchard              653824



Cannington Health Centre Reception                                      652335

 Repeat prescriptions 09.30 -12.00                                                 651311

 Dispensary: 8 am -6.30 pm

 Out of Hours                                                                       0845 408800

 Stogursey Surgery (No appointments) Mon 15:00-16:30

 and Thurs 11:30 -13:00 in the Church Rooms.


Toddlers: Thurs 10-12 In the Church Rooms

  Contact Shana Floyd                                                                 733838

 Stogursey Youth Club   Contact Ron Dyer                         732688



Tiny Tots Tues10:30 -11:30 St Andrews Church 0-school age

 Nicky Morgan for Tiny Tots and Jnr Youth Club                      732873                                      


Stogursey School: Head Teacher Rebecca Barnes                                       732389

School Governors Chair: Anna Hammond                            732690

Friends of Stogursey School (FOSS) Chair Mark Hamilton  733230


Quantock Medical Centre, Nether Stowey

Reception:                                                                            732696

Dispensary 9 -11am and 3 – 6 pm

Repeat prescriptions   733385

(Mon. 9 -10am & 3 – 5pm; Tues. – Fri. 9-10.30 am and 3-5pm)

Health Visitor:                                                                       732276

Out of Hours                                                                0845 408800

Stogursey Surgery (no appointments)

Monday and Friday 11:15 am at the St Audries Centre


Police                        Emergencies only        999 or 112

Non-emergency                                                       101

PCSO 9308 Sue Marks 01823 363305 / 07920 477014

PCSO 7292 Peter Bolton 07917 529464


Community Safety Project Officer

Ryan Kelly                                                   435251 / 0746 4981758


British Legion Poppy Appeal      contact Richard Cuttell – 01278734818 –


Line Dancing: Friday 7:30 – 9:30pm  at the Victory Hall


Victory Hall     

Chair:                             Ron Dyer                                       732688

Bookings :                     Allan Searle                                    732820


Football Club

Chairman and Treasurer:        Allan Robins                         732304

Manager:                                 Dave Spilsbury                         431271                          


Parish Lengthsman     Contact Allan Searle                    732820


Stogursey – Lonlay L’Abbaye Twinning Association

Chair:         Ian Elenor                                                          733052

Secretary:   Mrs A Jay                                                          733092                             


St Andrews Church, Stogursey        

   1st Sunday              10:30 am Morning Praise

   2nd Sunday     10:30 am Family Eucharist

   3rd & 4th Sunday    10:30 am Eucharist

   5th Sunday 10am United Benefice Service (see Stogursey News)

   St Peters Church, Stolford

   1st Sunday  6:30 pm Eucharist

   3rd Sunday  6:30 pm Evensong

   (Stogursey with Stolford is part of the Quantock Coast Benefice)


Quantock Coast Benefice Office:               Pauline Kaye     732742

  Rector:                          732873

  Church Wardens: Dave Webber                                              733065

  Deputy Church Warden: Mrs Rose Nurton

  Bell Tower Captain:  Kay Smith                                                733577


Shurton and Stogursey Community Hub Association


Parish Neighbourhood Welcome Pack:

Contact  Cllr Chris Morgan 


 Stogursey Hamlets and EDF

  Main Site Neighbourhood Forum

   For representatives please see the Stogursey News

  Alms House Trustees  Contact Lady Gass

                                                       Pauline Kaye                      734550

Skittles Team (Quantock League)

The Greyhound (Home matches)

Dots Girls, The Outcasts, The Greydogs, The Alley Boys ,

Contact: The Greyhound                                         Tel 732490    


Apple Blossom Buddhist Meditation Group  

Contact Phil Griggs,         Tel 733377



Tuesday 2.30 pm and Friday 7pm          St Audries Centre

Thursday 7.30 pm                                   Victory Hall


Exercise to Music for the Mature  Weds 11.30 am-12.30pm

Contact Jenny Manvel                                                               01643 708421   

Forest Bells    Contact April Dunnett                                  653397

Poetry Group   Contact April Dunnett                              653397  

Short Mat Bowls    Monday 7.30pm                     Victory Hall

Tennis Club Tuesday 6 -10pm  Chair: John Nicholson     732711

Tuesday Club 7.30pm  Contact Mrs Liz Dyer                     732688  

Multi Sports Area  Bookings Corner Shop                         733247     

Women’s Institute 2nd Wednesday of the month in the St Audries Centre at 7.30 pm.

Contact: President  Mrs Anne Sparkes                                    733482

             Secretary:    Fran Prescott                                             732059

Church Rooms, bookings and coffee shop Friday

Contact Belinda Crowther                                                          734695

EDF HPC Hotline (complains etc.)                                     0800 0969650

Correct as of 25th Feb 2015