Temporary Road Closure – A39 Quantock Rd

Temporary Closure of A39 Quantock Road
TAKE NOTICE that in pursuance of Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, as amended by the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991, the County Council of Somerset propose to make an Order PROHIBITING ALL TRAFFIC from proceeding along A39 Quantock Road from the junction with Quantock Road Roundabout, westwards for a total distance of 1100 metres.
This order will enable SCC (Small Improvement Schemes) to carry out resurfacing works and install cats eyes and a centre line
The Order becomes effective on 24 February 2020 and will remain in force for eighteen months. The works are expected to last for 4 nights (19:00-07:00hrs).
Please visit www.one.network for further information on the alternative route