SWP Recycling Centres Opening Times 2020

Reopening Recycling Centres & Garden Waste collections

Frequently asked Questions

Somerset’s recycling centres will reopening in two stages, starting on Monday, 11 May, as will Garden Waste collections both of which have been suspended as a result of Coronavirus.

Recycling sites

Why are the Somerset recycling sites closed?

All 16 recycling sites in Somerset have been closed since Monday 23rd March, as were the vast majority in the UK following the Government announcement of social distancing measures and a ban on non-essential journeys to help avoid the spread of Covid19.

Somerset’s sites are operated on behalf of the Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) by Viridor. Whilst closed, most of the site staff have been redeployed to maintain front line kerbside waste collections of rubbish, recycling, food and clinical waste collections.

 Why is it okay to open them now?

Updated guidance from Government (only published on 5 May 2020) makes it clear that sites can be reopened – for essential visits only – within the current restrictions. By that the government means that it’s reasonable to visit only if waste or recycling cannot be stored safely at home without risking harm or ill health to your household, or harm to public health and amenity.

 In what circumstances should I visit a recycling centre?

Initially, you should only visit a site if it is an essential journey – if your waste and recycling can’t be stored safely at home without risking harm or ill health to you or your household.

You should not visit a site if you are either showing symptoms of Covid19 or have been asked to shield by Government

If you believe you have Covid19 related waste (tissues, wipes, etc) you should store it double bagged for at least 72 hours and put in your black rubbish bin, or as a last resort in double-bagged  rubbish brought to the recycling centre (after waiting 72 hours).

 Are opening hours changing?

They will be working on a temporary opening pattern for at least two weeks:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am to 6pm.
  • Thursday: Closed.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 4pm.

Overall, this equates to an extra 54 hours per week across the initial 11 sites, then 117 hours when all 16 are reopened.

Which sites are opening when?

The following sites will reopen on Monday 11th May at 9am. These are where it is easier to ensure social distancing and where site cleansing can be easily accommodated.

  • Bridgwater (Saltlands)
  • Chard
  • Dulverton
  • Frome
  • Highbridge
  • Street
  • Taunton (Priorswood)
  • Wellington (Poole)
  • Wells (Dulcote)
  • Williton
  • Yeovil


The remaining 5 sites require a little more work to enable them to be operated safely and we expect them to open on Tuesday 26th May;

  • Castle Cary (Dimmer)
  • Cheddar
  • Crewkerne
  • Minehead
  • Somerton

 Will visits to the sites take longer than usual?

We’re expecting long queues and traffic diversions in place to access the recycling sites once reopened. Please only come if you really need to and don’t cause additional congestion by making multiple trips. Measures have been put in place to reduce the time people take on site and to reduce disruption from site operations (e.g. compacting bins).

 Will there be any restrictions on access?

Yes, we’ve amended layouts and put in temporary measures to maintain social distancing:

  • An ‘odd and even number plate’ access systemaccess only on certain days depending on your number. This will be advertised in advance on the SWP website ( and with signs on-site.

– Odd numbers: Monday, Wednesday & Saturday (e.g. 03, 53, 19 or 69)

– Even numbers: Tuesday, Friday & Sunday (e.g. 02, 52, 18 or 68)

  • Security personnel at the entrance limiting entry on a one in one out basis – similar to that you might have seen at the supermarket.
  • Fewer parking bays to ensure we provide at least 2 metres between each visitor.
  • No large vans (3.5 tonne & above) or trailers – in order to minimise queuing and waiting times.
  • Only two people from the same household will be allowed to access per vehicle – in order to minimise potential exposure to the virus whilst still allowing the deposit of bulky items. Site staff will be unable to offer manual assistance with lifting heavy items.
  • Please ensure that you wear gloves at all times whilst outside of your vehicle.
  • No access to the normal recycling banks – to maintain social distancing, you will only be able to use the skips directly adjacent to your parking bay
  • We will only be accepting four types of waste until further notice

What waste can I take to the recycling sites?

  • Rubbish – material that you would usually put in your black rubbish bin, excess black bags not taken by kerbside collections, and bulky items like furniture.
  • Green waste – garden waste such as grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings.
  • Household hazardous chemicals such as pesticides, weed killers & insecticides
  • Large household electrical items – white goods, cookers, TVs etc.

 What waste can’t I take to the recycling sites?

  • Anything that is usually charged for – tyres, gas bottles, soil & hardcore, vehicle parts and commercial waste.

Payment would make social distancing more difficult.

  • Plasterboard & Asbestos – although payment is usually in advance online, we are unable to temporarily allow access to the appropriate skips on site.
  • Due to being unable to accept any payments on site for the time being, we will not be selling the Revive compost until further notice

 Waste we’d ask you NOT to bring unless you really need to

We cannot provide the full range of recycling service initially. These items will go to landfill so, if possible, please store at home until the sites are working as normal again and they can be recycled.

  • Anything that could go in your weekly recycling – such as cardboard, food and drink cans, paper, food waste, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars. Kerbside collections of these materials continue.
  • Other recyclables – including plastic pots, tubs and trays, wooden furniture, scrap metal, Tetra Pak cartons, small electrical items.

 How you will address any issues with traffic around the sites?

We have worked closely with the County Council Highways team and the Police to mitigate congestion, please follow any instruction shown on signs or given in person by these agencies. Access routes to some sites will change, and ‘no queueing beyond this point’ restrictions will be in place.

 Why haven’t you introduced a booking system?

We’ve looked at the potential operation of using a pre booking system but have currently decided, as have many other authorities, that the potential complications probably outweigh the benefits. The number plate system and ‘one out, one in’ is simple and practical but we will keep the use of a booking system under review should it be required.

On site safety

  • Abusive behaviour, to staff or other site users will not be tolerated and will be reported to the Police.
  • CCTV, number plate recognition & body cameras will be in operation on each site and will be used as evidence if needed.
  • If a site visitor does not follow the temporary social distancing requirements, they will be asked to leave the site.
  • Should a serious incident occur, involving either threatening or abusive behaviour or failure to adhere to social distancing rules, the site may be closed until resolved causing additional congestion and delay to other residents wishing to use the site

Garden Waste collections

 When are the collections restarting?

The service restarts from Monday, 11 May. As explained in your letter, collections days have changed and may not be the same as your rubbish/recycling day. Please check your sticker letter or check online using the ‘My Collection Day’ checker.

 What’s happening with my subscription?

We pledged that subscribers would not lose out financially as a result of the disruption so subscriptions will not expire until Mid-May, 2021.


Will you pick up the extra garden waste I can’t get in my bin?

Sorry, but no. We are taking on temporary extra staff and vehicles, but they will not be able to collect garden waste not in bins or pre-paid sacks. If you have lots, please dispose of it through the collections gradually.


I’m not a subscriber, but I’ve got garden waste because the recycling centres have been closed, Will you be picking that up?

Sorry, but no. We are taking on temporary extra staff and vehicles, but they will not be able to collect garden waste from people not currently subscribed to the service.

 My bin is really heavy. Is that going to be a problem?

The bins will still need to be lifted into the collection van, so yes. If it is not possible for a crew member to lift, unfortunately the bin may well need to be left behind. Please dispose of it through the collections gradually, taking out excess material and storing until the next collection if needed.


Vacancy – Stogursey Parish Clerk

Stogursey Parish Council seeks to appoint a Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (RFO). The appointment is for an average of 14 hours per week and the salary will be as per the national recommended salary starting at £10.16 per hour, dependent on experience and qualifications.

The Parish Clerk is responsible for organising all meetings of the Council, publishing agendas and minutes, dealing with correspondence, liaising with other organisations and overseeing certain projects. As RFO, the Clerk is responsible for all aspects of financial administration of the Council.

The successful candidate will be enthusiastic about supporting councillors and residents to improve the parish. They will have good administrative, organisational, numeracy and computer skills, be a good communicator and should be CiLCA qualified or willing to study for this qualification.  Training will be provided where appropriate.

The Clerk works from home; a laptop and printer are provided, and an allowance is given for office expenses. Mileage and any incidental expenses incurred for Council business will be reimbursed. Attendance at the evening meetings of the Council is a requirement of the position.

An Application pack, including Person Specification, Job Description and Application Form can be obtained from the Clerk on .

The closing date for applications: Friday 29 May 2020 and interviews will be held early June 2020 (date may change due to Covid-19 situation)


Free baby carrier hire during pandemic

Somerset County Council’s Public Health team is stepping up support during the coronavirus pandemic and offering free carrier hire to give every baby the best start in life, building an even closer and loving connection with their parents.

The Council is working with Carry Me Kate Parenting Services CIC to provide free hire of carriers for new parents during the coronavirus crisis.

Councillor Clare Paul, Cabinet member for Health and Wellbeing at Somerset County Council, said: “Everyone is spending much more time at home at present, this may mean that many new parents have more time together after their baby is born. Sling use can provide benefits to the whole family, supporting baby to be close during daily routines and while taking daily exercise.”

Carry Me Kate Parenting Services CIC provides a universal sling library, breastfeeding peer support, a cloth nappy library, parenting and community support – these have all moved to virtual platforms for the time being.

Every baby born in Somerset between April and September will be able to benefit from a carrier, hired cost-free, for a month. A scheduled virtual video session will be scheduled with parents as it’s vital that slings are worn correctly and safely. Further support can be provided on a one to one basis as well as the option to participate in group online sessions

Kate Mahoney, who runs the community interest company, said: ‘During this time we are really pleased to be working with Somerset County Council to be able to offer free hire and advice. Becoming a new parent can be challenging at the best of time, and during this pandemic we wish to offer parents as many tools as possible to enable them to make close and loving connections with their babies and to make their lives as easy as possible.

“Safe sling wearing is essential, and the scheme promotes safety and wellbeing. The TICKS checklist should be implemented every time your baby is in the sling full details can be found here:

“Evidence shows that babies carried in a sling form a close bond with their parent or carer. It promotes the release of oxytocin, a hormone linked to feelings of love, wellbeing and connection with others.”

After the initial cost-free month, continued sling hire is available and can be discussed with the sling consultants at Carry Me Kate. To get in touch contact Carry me Kate Parenting Service CIC Sling Library on

Families are encouraged to visit Somerset County Council’s Public Health’s website Healthy Happy and Safe at home pages which provide a wealth of practical information, advice and ideas to help you during these exceptional times. There is a special families and children section included.

Somerset Waste Partnership during Covid-19

Delay to Recycle More

Coronavirus is affecting the delivery of many key projects. Unfortunately, this includes the roll-out of the new Recycle More service which will eventually allow people to recycle more from their kerbside, notably considerably more plastic.

Regrettably, SWP has had to pause the introduction of Recycle More, which had been due to start in Mendip at the end of June (to be followed by South Somerset in September) because:

  • Impacts on staffing and supply chains mean that essential depot upgrading is being delayed, as is the delivery of new recycling containers – the big blue bags – that will be used to collect much of the new material.
  • The large-scale public engagement and communication that needs to take place in advance of Recycle More cannot happen because of the current uncertainty around timescales and the restrictions on non-essential travel and social isolation.
  • SWP and contractor staff are focussed on maintaining essential services, which means they are unable to prepare for what is a big change to the way we work.

SWP will develop a new timetable and roll-out the new service out as soon as possible once the current crisis is over.

This is disappointing, but unavoidable and information about new timescales will be shared as soon as possible. The SWP asks for your understanding and patience, and asks for the public’s ongoing support in sorting all their recycling to make the important work of our hard-working collection crews more manageable in these challenging times.

Helping us manage service disruption

SWP’s current services are being unavoidably disrupted by Coronavirus, as staffing numbers are reduced and advice on non-essential travel and safe distancing is followed.

Garden waste collections are suspended (existing 2020-21 subscribers will have their service extended for 12 months from the restart of collections), as is the collection of bulky materials and delivery of new bins/boxes.

All Recycling Centres are also currently closed in line with government advice on non-essential travel.

Recycling and rubbish collections continue, but where recycling collections are missed we are unable to make return collections.

  • Please check and follow @somersetwaste on Twitter and Facebook for the latest service updates
  • If you have coronavirus symptoms or are in a household with someone showing symptoms, government guidance on safely dealing with personal waste is available at
  • If your recycling collection is missed, please take containers back in and put them back out again for the following week for collection.
  • To help crews finish their rounds: rinse containers, squash all but aerosols and glass if safe to do so, flatten and tear up all cardboard, sort-segregate materials without using carrier bags, and put it all – including all food waste (in the food waste bin) – out by 7am.
  • Leave garden waste in the garden, cut back on mowing, allow the garden to become more wildlife friendly with a corner for any woody materials, compost all other garden waste and suitable foods. More advice:
  • Please store materials and items you would otherwise drop off at recycling sites and do not add them to your rubbish. In particular, do not take risks with electrical items, batteries and gas canisters as these can cause a fire risk in your bin or the rubbish trucks.
  • Cut food waste, save money and reduce shopping trips with simple tips about meal planning, portion control, better storage and using up leftovers, here:
  • Rubbish and clinical waste collections are not affected. If either of these are missed, report it to get a return collection with the pull-down My Waste Services menu or via district council customer services:



Stogursey Community Support Network


  • Are you self-isolating?
  • Do you need help organising a shopping delivery?
  • Do you need a prescription collecting?
  • Would you like to chat or some other help?
  • Do you live alone and need someone to contact you daily by phone to make sure you are okay?
    • Are you an NHS, Emergency Service or other Key Worker?
    Do you need practical help from your community so that you can carry on delivering your service to us?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, just call the Helpline numbers and we will put you in touch with a volunteer:

Sukey & Steve     07485350560
Hilary                   07947238566
Sue                        07579765201

Or you can message us on our Facebook Page: Stogursey Community Support Network

Further details can be found on the Stogursey Community Support Network Flyer