This event has ended

Wassailing is an ancient tradition that has roots dating back to the 8th century.  The word wassail is derived from the Anglo-Saxon ‘wes hal’ meaning ‘be whole’, or as we would say today, ‘good health’. Bring something to make a noise with to help ward evil spirits from Shurton Mill Orchard – at the kind invitation of Cy and Mary Bartlett – and let’s help attract benevolent insects and birds to the trees in the hope of a good apple harvest next Autumn.  There will be hot soup and mulled cider (in exchange for a £ donation!) 

On Saturday 11th January we’ll gather at The Babbling Brook, Shurton and walk together to the orchard, departing the pub at 2.00pm.   Be prepared for a muddy walk and dress warmly ready to join in the merry making!

Stogursey Twinning Association